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A warning appears on each page of the website that has not yet been updated. If a page has no warning, it has been updated. 98% of the pages have now been updated.

On the 17 November 2020, the host of the TaxFP.com.au website (Managed.com) was the victim of a USD $500,000 ransomware attack on its world-wide servers. They hosted over 2,500 websites and related emails.

It was initially anticipated that the TaxFP.com.au website would be recovered within a month. However we have now been informed that our website is unrecoverable as it is encrypted and to make matters even worse so are the backups. Very disappointing from such a large host who boast “At Managed.com, peace of mind comes standard.” A lesson learned the hard way - Never trust a website host with the backups of your website.

As previously advised the TaxFP.com.au website contains no banking or credit card details. However, if you use the same password with other websites you may wish to consider changing it.

The website that you are now viewing was restored on 19 December 2020 from our archive dated 9 June 2019 and is hosted in the USA as the Australian servers are still not operational.

There is much work to do to reinstate all the updates that were done in the last 18 months. The work has commenced. The website has 286 pages with over 2,000 content containers and over 2,500 links.  98% of the pages have now been updated.

Sincere apologies for the long outage. Everybody’s subscription expiry date has been extended by 3 months. 

Chris Browne

Editor - TaxFP.com.au

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