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Widow B Pension

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What is a Widow B Pension?

Widow B Pension ensures you have an adequate level of income if you are an older widow who does not qualify for a Parenting Payment, have limited means, and have lost the financial support of your partner. 


Widow B Pension is gradually being phased out.  New grants of Widow B Pension stopped on 20 March 1997, however if you were receiving Widow B Pension before that date, you can continue to receive the payment until you are transferred to Age Pension.  Widow B Pension is not activity tested so you do not have to look for work or do training. 


Widow B Pension is paid at the same rate as the single person age pension. Refer to the link below for payment rates



Bonus Payment - December 2008

An additional tax free payment of $1,400 to single pensioners and $2,100 to pensioner couples was made between 8–19 December 2008 if, on 14 October, you were eligible to receive one of the following payments:

Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, Carer Payment, Wife and Widow B Pension, Partner, Widow and Bereavement Allowance, Veterans’ Affairs Service Pensioners, Veterans Income Support Supplement, held a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, held a Veterans’ Gold Card and were also eligible for Seniors Concession Allowance, or were of age pension age and eligible to receive Parenting Payment, Special Benefit, Austudy or ABSTUDY Living Allowance.


For more details refer to the link below.


Extra Payment - June 2008

A tax-free payment of $500 was made in June 2008 to individuals in receipt of the Age Pension, Veterans’ Pensions, Widow’s B Pension, Wife Pension, Seniors Concession Allowance, Mature Age Allowance or Partner Allowance as at 13 May 2008. 

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