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Name Change/URL Change

URL change

From 8.30am AEDT, 5 January 2016 the URL www.ratesmate.com.au was replaced by the URL www.taxfp.com.au

We apologise for any inconvenience

The cookie that currently allows you to access your subscription without the need to login each day will no longer work

It needs to be re-established under the new domain.

As a one-off exercise please take the following simple steps to replace it:

1. Delete your old shortcut/bookmark/favourite

2. Clear your cache - http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache 

3. Login to the website www.taxfp.com.au using the same username and password

4. Once logged in, save this page as a shortcut to your desktop, a favourite, a bookmark or as your homepage as before

5. Close your browser but do not log out

6. Click on the new shortcut that you created

You should now be logged in

If you have any difficulty please let us know

Thank you for using our services

Have a great year!


Thanks for your suggestions

Thanks to all of you who responded to our survey about changing our name from RatesMate to something else.

We have received over 50 suggested alternatives and also some interesting comments on why the name should not be changed.

In this survey we raised the following issues:

The website known as RatesMate.com.au has been available for subscription since April 2006.

It has been suggested to us that the name is not appropriate and should be changed.

Whilst many have said that the name is "catchy", our market research has indicated three main issues with the name RatesMate:

1.       The "Mate" in RatesMate is not appropriate for a technical reference resource used by financial professionals.
          It sounds unprofessional and is sometimes confused as "adult" content.

2.       The name is too similar to mates rates and many people say it incorrectly.

3.       The site now offers much more information than just rates and the name is misleading.

Chris Browne

Chartered Accountant - SMSF Specialist


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