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  How to Subscribe      Wednesday, 12 December 2018  

Only subscribers can see all content on this website. ​​​​​​​​Please view the "Free Sample of Topics" on our Home page.


Registration Template Problem

We regret that we have had to remove our usual registration template.

It was being mercilessly bombarded by a single hacker who has managed to write a program by-passing CAPTCHA and registering a new user every 20 seconds for days on end.

He/she gains nothing as we do not keep subscriber credit card details on the site, but it seems to amuse people like this,  who apparently do it just to prove how smart they are.

In the meantime, until this problem is solved, please will you do the following if you would like to subscribe to the TaxFP.com.au service

Thank you for your understanding. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Option 1

Send us an email to  subscriptions@taxfp.com.au with the following details:


A username to login with (give us two in case the first one has been taken eg CDB or CDB54)

A password (minimum of 4 characters)

Tell us:

Your First and Last Name

Your phone number

Your email address to send an invoice to

Who to Invoice if not you personally

Option 2

Call us during Sydney business hours on 02 9486 3969 to tell us the above over the phone

We will manually register you asap.

Only $88.00 per annum - To subscribe please read the instructions below

For your convenience we offer 3 payment options (see below).

Please do not register unless you will pay today.

There is no free trial period.

But we offer a money back guarantee (see below).

* Please click on maximise [+], not the titles, to display the contents of any hidden containers * 

10 Good Reasons you should be using this website

How to Register and Pay
Money Back Guarantee: We are so confident that using this website will save you time,  that if you tell us within 60 days of your purchase, that it does not, we shall refund your subscription payment in full. (To see the list of over 250 topics that are covered, refer to the menus on the left of your screen).

To purchase multiple subscriptions for your firm, please read the "Price List" container below and call us or send us an email.

There is no online payment facility on this website. For your convenience we allow 3 payment options.

If you wish to purchase a single user annual subscription now ($88.00 per annum), please:

1. Record your registration details below and click on the 'Register" link to submit them to us online. The password needs to be a minimum of 4 alphanumeric characters. You will get an online invoice. Please be aware that registering to use the site is a subscription purchase - not a free trial.

2.  Pay your annual subscription today.  Choose your preferred payment method from the "Payment Options" below. Registration allows you the convenience of immediate access to all the information on the site. Please do not submit your registration unless you will pay the subscription amount today. Thank you for your co-operation in assisting us to keep our administration costs as low as possible.

If you need help please contact us (see contact details below). You have successfully logged in when your first name and last name appear in red near the top right hand corner of the screen under the search box.

Price List for firms with Multiple Subscribers

Payment Options

After you register, an invoice will appear on your screen. 

Payment Option No. 1

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your online bank account to ours:

BSB: 182-222
Account Number: 1219 60744
Account Name: Tax FP Publishing Pty Ltd
Reference: Subscriber's Last Name & First Name

Payment Option No.2:

Pay by Phone - MasterCard or Visa

Please call our office between 9am and 5pm AET (Monday to Friday) to tell us your credit card details.

Phone: 02 9486 3969

If you pay by credit card, please read the "Annual Subscription Renewal Procedure" below.

Payment Option No.3:

Cheque in favour of Tax FP Publishing Pty Ltd

Send to: PO Box 5105, Wheeler Heights, NSW 2097


Annual Subscription Renewal Procedure

All subscribers will receive an annual renewal invoice by email in the month prior to their subscription expiry.

The invoice will state the amount owing and the date of expiry.

Subscribers who pay their subscription by credit card will also receive a confirmation that the credit card used last year will automatically be used to pay their renewal subscription on the expiry date,  unless we hear from them to the contrary prior to the expiry date.

This system is in place to reduce the incidence of subscriptions expiring accidentally and being cancelled because of a payment oversight and also to assist in reducing administration costs.

Subscribers paying by credit card are automatically opted-in to this procedure. If you wish to opt-out of this procedure please let us know.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Our Contact Details

Telephone: 02 9486 3969

Fax: 02 9486 3380

Email: subscriptions@taxfp.com.au

Normal Business Hours:

Monday to Friday -  9am to 5pm AET

But try us after hours - as we may still be here

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