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  Our Testimonials      Monday, 18 January 2021  

This is what other professionals have said to us about this website

"You have such a great product and great service - well done."
Jeff Mazzini, CFP - Western Australia

"Love your site - beats everything else hands down!!!!"
Donald de Boer, CA - New South Wales

"I retired as a SMSF Adviser at Christmas so will no longer need to receive this service, many thanks for the years of information it has been excellent."
Bob Dawson, CFP - Queensland

"During the past 12 months I have used the site numerous times and have found it to be one of the most valuable tools I have available for information and quick links to sites and calculators. Keep up the good work."
Derek Sparkes, CFP - Western Australia

"I like the site. It is very handy."
Brett Armfield, CPA, SMSF Auditor - South Australia

"I wouldn't be without this website for quids....luv your work"
Ian Shute, CPA - New South Wales

"Happy to pay for a great, value for money service"
David Minehan, B.Comm, DipFP - New South Wales

It's an excellent service. I really appreciate it"
David Busoli, SMSF Specialist - Queensland

"I think your website is fantastic and use it daily, simple and easy to use with great information and great links".
Robert Faraci, CPA - Victoria

"Congrats on a great website"
Debbie Potts, CA - Queensland

"Keep up the good work, your website is an extremely valuable source of information for many professionals and most certainly for financial planners like myself. This is one website I will be a member of for years to come."
Katherine Isbrandt, CFP - Victoria

"What a website and so much reliable information for a Certified Financial Planner to have access to with just a few clicks. Cannot do without you guys."
Norman Jackson, CFP - Western Australia

"It's a great tool and so easy to get the info when I need it in a hurry"
Donagh Chisholm, Accountant - Queensland

"You have an excellent product that we love"
Bryan Payne, CA - Victoria

"Thank you very much, you're a great resource"
Noel Whittaker, AM - Queensland

"I find your site incredibly helpful and very easy to use"
Michael O'Hara, CFP - Western Australia "

"Thanks for the great product"
Di Hyett, IPA - Victoria

"Great Site"
Arthur Kassos, CPA - Queensland

This is a very good idea, well implemented and at a reasonable price. I use it on my iPad"
Jeff Fish, CA - New South Wales

"You provide a great reference source at a low cost"
Russell Watson, CFP - Victoria

"Thanks for the quality of your material"
Damien Wong, NTAA Tax Practitioner - Western Australia

"Your product is just such great value, invaluable, up to date and easy to find info quickly, and I use it very often. Well done. "
Ross Johnston, FIPA - Queensland

"It is an excellent resource facility for tax agents and small business accountants, such as myself"
David Burke - Victoria

"Thank you for a great resource"
Kevin Scambler, ATMA, Dip FP - Queensland

"We love the site"
Michael Mitchell, CPA - New South Wales

“Thanks for your great website"
Di Austin, IPA - Victoria

"I would like to thank you for your website – it saves me a lot of time!"
Chris Morcom, CPA CFP Dip FP - Victoria

"Love your site and have recommended it to members of my tax discussion group"
Alexander Quarles de Quarles, CPA - Western Australia

Your site is excellent - I constantly use it”.
G. Dean McKinnon, Dip FP FPA (Aff.) - Queensland

“I love your website – great idea. Keep up the good work”.
Duro Rudic, CFP Dip FP B.Bus (Acc) - Victoria

“You guys need to be congratulated. Well done and thanks. It’s a great site”.
John Andrinopoulos, IPA - South Australia

"There is no day I do not use your website, maybe weekends :) "
Gosia Adamkiewicz , CPA - Queensland

"Keep up the good work!"
Don Riddington, CPA - Victoria

"Love your site"
Simon Pownall, B.Comm. CFP Dip Fp - New South Wales

"This is a valuable cost effective resource I could not manage without. The time it saves me is immeasurable. I recommend it whenever I can. Thank You"
Joan Falconer, Financial Adviser - Queensland

"System looks good to me - saves me taking this detail with me to clients. Easy to use, all in one place, up to date,"
Barrie Sutton, CPA - Victoria

"I use the service frequently. I find it very useful."
Natalie Davies, CPA - Victoria

"A concise, accurate, up to date and user friendly technical resource that sets a standard for others to follow."
Jeff Gillard, BEc CFP, Dip FP - Victoria

"Excellent! Best value subscription yet!"
Graham Brereton, CFP - South Australia

"I keep finding new fingertip info. Keep it up!"
John Squires, Accountant - New South Wales

"I referred the site to a colleague and he has subscribed. He rang to thank me for the recommendation - he loves it. I think this is such a good product"
Howard Rice CFP, CPA (FPS), MBA - Victoria

"I'm impressed!"
John Stillone, CA - New South Wales

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