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Award Transport Payments

Award Transport Payments

An award transport payment is an allowance paid to an employee covering transport expenses or car expenses on a cents-per-kilometre basis that is paid under an industrial award that was in force as at 29 October 1986.


Refer to the link below regarding entitlement to a tax deduction.


The list below has just some of the many allowances that may be paid under various awards.  If you would like us to add others for your convenience, please let us know which ones you use.



Allowance Payable

Aircraft Engineers (General Aviation) Award 1982

$0.28 per km

Australian Workers’ Union Construction & Maintenance Award 1989

$0.26 per km


> When transferring between sites

$0.47 per km

Bank Officials’ (Federal) (1963) Award



> Vehicles under 2500cc

$0.32 per km


> Vehicles 2500cc and above

$0.42 per km

The National Building & Construction Industry Labourers (On Site) Award 1986

$7.60 per day

The National Building Trades Construction Award 1975

$7.60 per day

Clerks (Road Transport Industry) Award 1992

$0.31 per km

Electrical Contracting Industry Award 1992

$0.29 per km

Metal Industry Award 1984 – Part 1

$0.32 per km

National Joinery & Building Trades Products Award 1993

$0.37 per km

Pilots (General Aviation) Award 1984

$0.34 per km

Television Industry Award 1987



> Car when travelling alone

$0.30 per km


> Car when travelling with passengers

$0.40 per km


> Motor cycle

$0.27 per km

Timber Industry Award 1990

$0.33 per km



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